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Custom Terry Programs

Every industry has standard core product requirements and many of our items have been engineered precisely for that purpose. There are times, however, when our customers need to customize the product. Whether it is a minor cosmetic change or a completely engineered development, we are very experienced in assisting our customers in tailoring a product that meets their needs or their customers’ needs. Certain customizations require higher minimum order quantities (MOQ’s) while others have minimal requirements.

Cosmetic Customization

Cosmetic customization is the simplest form. We take existing, running products and make minor cosmetic changes. The most common form of this approach is Private Labeling and Custom Packaging. This is an excellent approach to promoting your corporate and brand identities. These can also be tailored to promote your client as well.

Collaborative Customization

When the need arises to engineer a product from scratch, we will collaborate with your sourcing and/or marketing teams to develop the right product to meet your specific needs. Our experienced and methodical approach ensures a successful launch of your new product. From initial technical specifications to lab testing to prototype presentation to actual in-line production, our team will build your product with your success in mind.

Logistics Solutions

We offer several logistics options to assist in the transportation and importation of your custom program. Our logistics platform can deliver globally to all major ports including inland destinations. For larger more experienced importers, you can buy directly from the factory on an FOB or CFR basis. We offer several options for those distributors requiring additional assistance, including 20 ft container or less-than-container shipments. In addition, we can provide cross-docking service through our US facility. Assistance with US Customs clearance is also available.

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